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The Work-Life Balance Myth

According to Matthew Kelly, the head of Floyd Consulting, work-life balance may be elusive for a reason.

"The term itself is fatally flawed," he says. "Work and life are too intertwined."

Kelly, the author of Off Balance: Getting Beyond the Work-Life Balance Myth to Personal and Professional Satisfaction, says that more important than being balanced is being “satisfied” both professionally and personally. “The idea that I’m going to spend as much time with my professional stuff as with my personal stuff just doesn’t work,” he says.

Instead, he recommends to his clients that they establish what is important to them in their personal lives and then carve out non-negotiable time to get that done, even if it means working odd hours.

Source: BBC Website 


Tips for the “at-home” workers (Source: BBC Website)

Breaking away from work is tricky no matter who you are, but for those who work from home can find it exceptionally difficult to carve out personal and professional time.

Kristie Arslan, president of the National Association for the Self-Employed, offered some tips for at-home workers:

  • Make a schedule: You have to create your schedule like a normal work day - work from 09:00-17:00, or whatever works for you, and stick to those hours.
  • Close the door: When the workday ends, leave your working space - and close it off for the night. Whether it’s an office or just a corner of the kitchen, don’t use it for anything but work.
  • Stick to it: You have to maintain that schedule, because if you don’t you fall victim to creep.
  • Get out: If it’s impossible to feel relaxed at home, seek external office space. Co-working spaces provide both a neutral work environment and “the water cooler experience”.


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Stylist and interiors magic-maker Sibella Court of The Society Inc is just back from a trip to India. Here, she shares with us her incredible photographs of a colourful journey through the exotic, the unexpected and the untouched.

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Pattaya, Thailand: couples kiss during a competition for the world’s longest continuous kiss in the hope of breaking the Guinness world record, and to receive prizes totalling more than 200,000 Thai baht (£4,300) and a diamond ring

Photograph: Pornchai Kittiwongsakul/AFP/Getty Images

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#WhereIsFootball - Soccer City, Johannesburg!

Over the past couple of weeks Africa has transformed into the centre stage of world football, where South Africa hosted the 29th edition of the African Cup of Nations. Like all tournaments, twists and turns unfolded on such a vibrant place where the beautiful game is played: title-holders Zambia crashed out early, Cabo Verde made a name for themselves and Drogba once again failed to take the trophy home for Les Éléphants.

Nigeria, also known as the ‘Super Eagles’, flew to the top as they were crowned kings this time, beating Burkina Faso 1-0 in the final. Once again, Soccer City rose from the ashes of the 2010 World Cup, uniting a vivid, football frenzied, continent.

The likes of Enyeama, Obi Mikel, Victor Moses and Emenike rose to the occasion, leading a team which so often fell apart in previous campaigns. But unlike in the past, this time they were an orchestra synced in harmony, they were one team. Africa belonged to them.

Our search never ends. These photos were all submitted as part of our #WhereIsFootball project. Get involved and follow along on Instagram. [Posted by Dom]

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How long does it take to become a millionaire?

The US creates the swiftest millionaires, & India & China (widely considered the fastest growing “large” economies with immense wealth creation potential) don’t even figure on the list. 

Source: The Economist


ManU vs. Liverpool: It is no longer a just comparison…

Loyal Liverpool fans still consider the club to be the greatest English club & the most deserving rivals of Manchester United. But unfortunately, things at the club are going from sad to sadder. While betting firms & bookmakers are already paying out on ManU winning the English Premier League title this season, their 20th top-flight win, with just two-thirds of the season gone & a full 12 games still to play, Liverpool have not beaten a single team in the top 10 of the league table this season.